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things we should have in our life

it's not about things or money
it's not about 1000 ways to be a success person in life
or about be famous in our social life
it's just about many simple things
that sometimes we don't realize
although it means anything in our life
do you recognize that sometimes simple things
cause a bigger thing than what complex things do?
like what simple smiles do to you when you're in a rainy day
what a warm hug do when you not feel beloved?
or a simple word says, "i always believe in you"
when nobody believes in you?
or a sweep in your cheek when you're crying
and no one cares for you?
it feels that you are special
it feels that you are the one
that people needs you
it feels everything
like when your heart ice melts
because the sunshine comes
like when you feel your heart beat that way
so you think your life still go on
and you think that you are blessed
it feels good, special
and what i think is,
that's the most special time in my life. :)

created by : grace, inspiration : novel summer in seoul-ilana tan & soundtrack princess hours - various artists.