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Watching Piano and Dance Concert @ GKJ

Hei everybody . Gue pengen cerita nih . Minggu lalu gue pergi ke konser piano sama nari Jaya Suprana di GKJ ( BUKAN gereja kristen jawa , tapi gedung kesenian jakarta , i told this because some of my friends thought it was Church Concert -______-). I went there just with my sister. Disitu gue ketemu banyak banget temen-temen gue , kayak Feli gitu . Sebenarnya tadinya gue mau pergi ke konser Mendelssohn di Goethe House with some of my other friends , but my driver, whose I ordered to get the ticket , salah beli tiket . But anyway , It's OK , the concert @ GKJ is same spectacular too . :) Here are the invitations :

And here some of the pics of the pianists :

And this is me there :)