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homework .

hw from : elsa

The rules are:
1. Open Google
2. Type "your name needs" (for example: "grace needs" - don't forget the brackets!) in the search tab
3. Click Search
4. Write down the top 10 results

So here are the results :
1. ourgrace.org Home Page
2. Grace Needs Newsletter
3. Myspace.com-jake needs Grace-21-Male-New Orleans...
4. Grace needs Freedom Blog-information, comments, reviews...
5. Grace Park needs modelling lessons-Smatterist
6. UMC Blog : Grace don't need no help!
7. Seattle Needs Grace by Interview on National Review Online
8. Graceful brook flowing calmly ( Grace ) Needs A Mate ...
9. Three Days Grace three days grace needs to come to tucson,az or ...
10.From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: Who needs Barcelona ...

what a weirdo. hoho . XD
tag to : liong, katie, and anyone who want to get it, get it yourself.