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Holiday Project

Hey everybody! I'm on my holiday right now. To be precisely, this holiday is because my 12th grade seniors are on national exam. I wish you many luck seniors, especially for 8 2011, Rokris 8 2011, and Siera 44! Hope you'll get the best university! Back to the topic, in this one-week-holiday; well, it's really rare to get one week holiday in Indonesia, it's hard even for a day!; I've got some plans to do. Not really sure I'm gonna complete all of these points, but as proverb said: He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Here are my plans:

1. Go to Senen, buy some vintage yet cheap clothes and accessories. By the way, I've done it today with Vania and Yohanna. Got some cool stuffs there.

2. Movie marathon, especially chick flicks. Oh, gotta buy some old romantic movies. Noted.

3. Well, music practicing for Rokris' Easter Service. Held on Saturday, 30th April.

4. Make over my room. This plan has some difficulties, and the top of those difficulties is: MONEY! :"(

5. Try some difficult piano pieces, and oh, my own new repertoire pieces.

6. Hang with my Junior High School buddies.

7. Get a nice Good Friday and Easter (also 16th birthday, at Easter) with family. Actually, it's not a plan, it's more of hopeful kinda thing.

That's all of my plans. Hopefully this list will work. Amen.