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Things Worth to Wait For

Listening to Taylor Swift's "Love Story", randomly hear this lyric: "I've got tired on waiting, wondering if you were ever coming around." Sometimes, we're not willing to wait because we're the instant generation. We do things instantly, and things instantly come to us itself. But these are things worth to wait:

1. Your special dates. Your birthday, your anniversary of something, your day to commemorate something, whatever.

2. Chances. It comes once, then gone. Catch while you can.

3. Things you've been desired.

4. True friends. Hard to get, long to wait, endless when you got them.

5. Prince in shining armor. Well, kinda exaggerating but it's real not only in the fairytale. All of us got our own prince somewhere out there. Wait, be patience, live your life till that moment you find him.