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I Wanna Lose Myself

Hey, I wanna share about things I keep thinking lately. This is about a feeling of being not in the place you should have been. Happy reading. (Now playing: Coldplay- Fix You)

I'm tired of being forced to do things I don't like.

I'm tired of laughing for formality, but inside I don't get the jokes at all.

I'm tired of keeping anger inside, and have to look happy outside. Sometimes, I wanna be a robot, so that I won't feel anything.

I'm tired of keeping people's feeling good all the time, but when it comes to mine, she's abandoned.

I'm tired of laughing when crowds surrounding me, but when I'm alone, I cried.

I'm tired of sacrificing my own feeling for others to be happy.

I'm tired of giving the one I love to others.

I'm tired of feeling dumb and always being scolded by others. It's like whatever I do, it's all wrong.

I'm tired of understanding others, while they never even try to understand me.

I'm tired of tolerating what I believe in so that there will be no fight.

I'm tired of not being able to insult others while people are free to insult me.

I know, I should blending in with you guys, my so-called-family. But I just can't. I don't know, is it just me or it's really not a place for me.

No need to be angry. I'm the one who do wrong. I'll be okay, or that's what I'll say.

Well, I've chosen it and I should deal with it. I'll pay the consequences and hope for a better future. There's no exit door.