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A Part of Them

Hi guys, just had a really LOOOOOOOOOOONG day tomorrow with my second family in high school! Well, I'm not supposed to blog this like really detail, it supposed to be a secret so I keep my voice low and not gonna tell you every single detail of it. Mouth's closed :x but still, I feel like I have to blog this because I'm just feel really really happy also guilty and also exhausted because of it.

This activity, just call it, it's like a really important thing to us, especially as a freshman. Not all of my school students are attending, just us, as a family :) It's not a kinda fun happy comfortable thing to do, however. You've gotta have some guts and strength to do it. To be honest, I felt some kind of slightly hopeless just before the end of it, but because God is good all the time (and also my seniors), we've made it. Okay, not all of us actually, one of us are......well I don't know what to say, maybe being postponed to be just like us. We love you brother!

Before this activity I just felt kinda, I don't know, maybe like not belong to one of them but after it I feel more into them and feel like I'm also a part of them. Also thank you for my seniors I feel sooooooo grateful to have seniors like you guys. Thank you thank you thank you thank you very much for your understanding!

For my second family, that might reading this crap: I spent that night reading those testimonies you guys have written about me. I'm just literally shocked, I don't know you guys know that much things about me. Either I'm too obvious or is it you that put many attentions to me? :p I don't know, what matter to me is thank you for being with me this far. We got many things to do together after this, don't give up, let's bring the best!

P.S: I'm sorry for not writing in proper sequence guys. The second part of April& May post is coming next:)