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A Little Bit Stronger

Every single morning, I open my eyes

Get up from my bed, starting a new day

Hope day by day life will be a little bit better

Yeah, hoping

No one says that it is going to be better.

Went to school, hanging out with friends

Laughing at someone's joke, always the same

No one really know about me

I'm broken inside

Praying, trying to heal the wound inside

Yeah, it's starting to get better

Finally I'm not as vulnerable as I used to

Every time my feet could finally walk again, someone pushes me from behind

Falling, tearing apart

Sinking to the sea of hatred and falsity

Buried under the ground with nobody hear me crying for help

Feeling dumb, feeling rejected, feeling ugly

Feeling useless and unwanted

Pawing the ground, hoping for lights

Still, no lights come through